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Paul Carey Jones joined the
Longborough Ring in June 2021 as Wotan in Die Walküre, directed by Amy Lane and conducted by Anthony Negus, with further appearances as The Wanderer in Siegfried in 2022, and culminating in the full Ring cycle in the summer of 2024.

Many of the Rheingold team are already far along the Wagnerian road. Paul Carey Jones, bursting and rigid with cold self-regard, vocally magisterial as Wotan, a Wagner prize winner in 2013. Look out for his forthcoming Wotan at Longborough.
- Fiona Maddocks, The Observer

Das Rheingold was far more rewarding, thanks to Peter Selwyn’s impressive choice of soloists, notably Paul Carey Jones’s nobly sung Wotan, whetting the appetite for his Longborough Ring.
- Hugh Canning, The Sunday Times

Paul Carey Jones will be playing Wotan in the full version of the Ring at Longborough, and on this showing I can't wait to see him in the role. 
- Robert Hugill, Opera Today

I have known for some years that Paul Carey Jones is the next big thing in British Wotans, but even so I could not have expected him to be as good as this. He slipped into the role as effortlessly and perfectly as though he'd been playing it all his life, singing with wonderful freedom and authority, bringing out the god's petty vanity and arrogance and foreshadowing his future tragedy. The audience didn't need to be told that he ruled the world: we knew. My mouth waters at the prospect of seeing him in Longborough's newly developing cycle. - Katie Barnes, Wagner News

Hear Paul discussing the role of Wotan in conversation with Richard Bratby and Anthony Negus on Longborough's new podcast here.

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