"This is knock-your-socks-off music drama. Paul Carey Jones is a national treasure in waiting and it's time the world woke up to him." - Mark Valencia


The  Longborough Ring Cycle 

"Paul Carey Jones, bursting and rigid with cold self-regard, vocally magisterial as Wotan, a Wagner prize winner in 2013. Look out for his forthcoming Wotan at Longborough." - The Observer

"The next big thing in British Wotans"

- Wagner News


Photo: David Price

The critics on Das Rheingold

"A masterclass in characterisation. His focus never slipped and even when silent he filled every second of Wotan's stage time with action, reaction and reflection. Who needs surtitles when you can follow the whole plot by watching Wotan's face? Carey Jones' powerful, grand operatic style was everything the role requires." - Bachtrack
"Paul Carey Jones' Wotan is even grander, a huge voice and a commanding, wily presence"
- Classical Source

Critical acclaim for Die Walküre:

"...biting clarity and acting chops... This was singing of the highest quality... a spellbinding piece of storytelling. The Welsh bass-baritone made clear at every turn that this is Wotan’s tragedy above all: a tale of sacrifice born of hubris." - Bachtrack
"With a sound beefy enough to feel perfectly secure, his intelligent focus on the contradictions held the attention fast." - Opera magazine


Latest reviews - Siegfried at Longborough:

"The central figure is the appearance of the god Wotan as the Wanderer... Paul Carey Jones turns him into a figure of huge authority, splendidly imposing of voice." - The Daily Telegraph
“Paul Carey Jones builds on his impressive Wotan last year to deliver a Wanderer that is even more vocally compelling, especially in his final rant before disappearing from the world he has helped to ruin.” - The Times

"There was brilliance, too, both in Anthony Negus's majestic account of the score with a Longborough Festival Orchestra of unreasonably high quality, and in Carey Jones' formidable Wanderer. The Welsh bass-baritone's beauty of tone and unwavering delivery of each note, no matter where it fell in his register, were as remarkable as his depiction of a broken god with feet of human clay." - Opera Magazine

“Paul Carey Jones, silver-maned and bearded, moving with a dignified grace unimpeded by a heavy floor-length overcoat, was in most impressive form. His clear and expressive projection of the words brought significance to every twist and turn of the Wanderer’s reasoning - with himself as much as those he questions - and the burnished tone was often glorious - The Guardian

"If several performances are special, Paul Carey Jones' portrayal of The Wanderer feels particularly so. His bass-baritone is as masterly as it is powerful" - Music OMH

"But it is Paul Carey Jones as the Wanderer (Wotan in disguise) who consistently provides an anchor to this production, both imposing in voice and stage presence- Opera Today

LFO 2022 Siegfried cr Matthew Williams-Ellis (263).jpg

Photo: Matthew Williams-Ellis

New - Videos via YouTube

Schubert - Der Doppelgänger

Giving It Away - Paul Carey Jones' lockdown diaries 


Out now in paperback, Kindle and audiobook editions

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"an addictively brilliant writer" - Support Action



"...brilliant psychological acting and splendid singing - one of the most thrilling I have ever encountered" 

- Hugh Canning, Opera 

"A Scarpia for our times" - Mark Ronan

Paul Carey Jones in Oliver Mears' award-winning Tosca

Picture by Robert Workman

Die Walküre - Longborough Festival Opera


"This was singing of the highest quality... a spellbinding piece of storytelling" - Bachtrack

"With a sound beefy enough to feel perfectly secure, his intelligent focus on the contradictions implicit in Wotan's character held the attention fast. " - Opera

"Paul Carey Jones is a deeply multi-faceted Wotan who, with his smooth and secure bass-baritone, can reveal real anger but also the sense of world-weariness that runs through the chief god during the opera" - Music OMH


Das Rheingold - Grimeborn Festival

"Paul Carey Jones’s Wotan is even grander, a huge voice and a commanding, wily presence" - Classical Source

"A masterclass in characterisation... Carey Jones' powerful, grand-operatic voice was everything the role requires" - Bachtrack

L'amico Fritz - Opera Holland Park


"Paul Carey Jones sings with such firm, Italianate tone and seamless phrasing that I would like to hear him as Verdi's Iago or Falstaff, as much as the big Wagner roles he now sings."
- The Sunday Times

"Paul Carey Jones is simply a class act" - Music OMH

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 22.57.42.png

Tosca - Northern Ireland Opera

"This was one of those Toscas in which the villain stole the show. Paul Carey Jones' assumption of the evil Baron Scarpia was reserved rather than overt in the sense of threat he generated. Jones portrayed a man absolutely sure of his use and abuse of power, impervious to the views of the lesser mortals he saw himself manipulating. And his singing was equally sure and communicative, every word conveyed with absolute and often chilling conviction." - The Irish Times


Welsh-Irish heldenbaritone Paul Carey Jones has performed principal roles for opera companies across Europe, including the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Welsh National Opera, Scottish Opera, Northern Ireland Opera, Opera Holland Park, Wexford Festival Opera, The Icelandic Opera, Teatro Comunale di Bologna and Teatro Comunale Bolzano.

Picture by Kirsten McTernan




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