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Singing lessons and coaching in professional skills

Paul Carey Jones has a growing reputation in teaching and coaching singers, and other professionals with related skill sets, at all levels. 

His experience includes providing professional training and support in areas such as:

- singing

- acting (sung and spoken)

- public speaking and spoken introductions to recitals and concerts

- audition technique

- English language coaching

- Welsh language coaching

- Diction coaching in English and other languages

Sessions are available in a one-to-one or group format in person or via Skype, and on a one-off, occasional or regular basis. He is equally at home giving public masterclasses, and is also experienced as a competition adjudicator and audition panel member.

Paul Carey Jones is a qualified teacher with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. He is a Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music, and has completed Levels 1 and 2 of Estill Voice Training.

For more details or to arrange a consultation session, contact: 

English Language and Diction Coaching

"Clarity of text and dramatic meaning have always been outstanding characteristics of Paul Carey Jones’ work. His approach to diction and communication on stage is methodical and meticulous in its attention to detail, and the results are second to none." - Oliver Mears, Director of Opera, Royal Opera House, London

Paul's particular passion is for the clarity and ease of singing in the English language. He has experience of coaching singers from a variety of backgrounds - professional and amateur, operatic, classical and popular styles, soloists and groups/choirs, native and foreign language speakers. He is committed in his belief that English can be a natural language of song, and that, with the right training, quality of singing and clarity of text can be achieved by any singer without compromising either.

For more details or to arrange a consultation session in person or via Skype, contact: 

"Paul Carey Jones... giving a masterclass in diction as the conflicted Elisha." - Richard Morrison, The Times

"a smooth, Italianate legato, and perfect diction." - Hugh Canning, The Sunday Times

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