Giving It Away

- Classical Music in Lockdown, and other fairytales

Stranded in London when the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Welsh opera singer Paul Carey Jones began chronicling the voyage of the classical music industry through the perils - and opportunities - of a global pandemic. Based on his hit blog series Coronaclassical, this book is his lockdown story so far.

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“A powerful traversal of life in the pandemic... he has a keen intellect that he applies with fluency and wit - all of this shines through in his writing.” - Mark Valencia, Opera Magazine 

"Paul Carey Jones turns out to be an addictively brilliant writer" - Support Action

"His view is alert and complex, evaluating developments with a searching but sceptical eye. There's no shortage of good ideas in his approach to a problem that has found operatic managements the world over wrong-footed, literally giving away the valuable assets of their recorded performances. A steadily rising Wotan, he explores Wagner's most complex character in further essays which also cover Tosca's death and other matters largely vocal and all worth encountering." - George Hall, BBC Music Magazine

"Something good to come out of lockdown." - John Suchet 

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