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"Bass-baritone Paul Carey Jones (a former winner of the Wagner Singing Competition) revs up the decibels as the psychopath L'Artiste."- Clare Colvin, Reviews Gate

"Paul Carey Jones projected sonorous menace as Delius' murderous pimp L'Artiste"

- Richard Bratby, The Spectator

"Paul Carey Jones projects a hollow but sinister power as L’Artiste, calling to mind Wagner’s Hunding"

- Curtis Rogers, Classical Source 

"Paul Carey Jones’s Artiste offering a contrasting, commanding, and vicious stage presence."

- Mark Berry, Seen and Heard International

"It was Paul Carey Jones, dangerously charismatic as L’Artiste (so called for his skills with a weapon, not a paintbrush), who brought the necessary snarl for this nasty little tale." - Alexandra Coughlan, Opera 

“The always magnetic (and vocally classy) Paul Carey Jones burst on the scene as Peter, laden with drink (internally) and food.” - Robert Thicknesse, Opera Now

“To have a Wotan, Paul Carey-Jones as the avuncular father, Peter the Broombinder, was unimagined luxury (it happens regularly on record, but rarely in the theatre)” - Hugh Canning, Operalogue

“Paul Carey Jones... filled OHP’s auditorium in glorious swaggering voice and with bags of attitude as the father." - Peter Reed, Opera magazine

"Carey Jones takes the evening by storm from the moment he opens his mouth... he puts everything into delivering the most impeccable vocal and acting performance." - Sam Smith, Music OMH

"Carey Jones found terrific charisma in the role, his sonorous bass-baritone joviality inflected with a rasp of underlying anger" - Boyd Tomkin, The Arts Desk

"resounding with absolute authority, Paul Carey Jones' booming baritone gives the production added texture."

- Cheryl Markosky, Broadway World

"Paul Carey Jones breezes through it, his voice six sizes larger than everyone else's."

- Alexandra Coghlan, The Telegraph

"Paul Carey Jones' resonant voice carries easily"

- Rebecca Franks, The Times

"if anyone steals the show it's Paul Carey Jones' gutsy father, with a voice like a series of thunder-claps and an all-embracing presence."

- Michael Church, The Independent

"Paul Carey Jones’ positively Wagnerian Peter was luxury casting; indeed, here is a singer who knows how to make his voice carry, even many yards offstage, and yet there is no lack of flexibility, quite the contrary." 

- Mark Berry, Seen and Heard International

"...from the moment he enters on. bicycle, exudes good-natured energy ...and he sings with clarity and amplitude worthy of Wagner's Wotan." - Yehuda Shapiro, The Stage

"As a very experienced Wagnerian ...the whole production moved up a notch or two when his powerful voice was first heard off-stage" - Tim Hochstrasser, British Theatre 

"Carey Jones’ voice has stunning power and clarity ... (he) brought happiness and glory to Opera Holland Park."

- Andrew Lohmann, London Unattached​

"A truly magnificent Paul Carey Jones on tremendous vocal form."

- Anna Selby, The Arbuturian​

"The standout performance... This is luxury casting as his high-quality Wotan is well-known. His booming glorious voice is heard from outside the large tent ...and the mood instantly lifts." - Josi Steinfeld, Plays To See​


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